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Do you sell to the public?

We currently only sell to wholesale businesses in New Zealand. If you would like to purchase our products please see our 'Where to Buy' section. It's always best to call ahead before visiting your local craft store so if they do not have stock they can easily purchase directly from us and we will do everything we can to expedite it's delivery.

How do I buy from your company?

In order to purchase wholesale from us you must first establish an account by filling out our Account Application form. All wholesale accounts must be genuine resellers.

Why don't I see prices on your website?

As we are a wholesale distributor, our prices are only provided to our wholesale customers who have an account.

Do you supply swatches or send out samples?

We have sales representatives in the North and South Island who are on a regular circuit to show our samples and visit our customers. Our customers are also welcome to visit our Auckland warehouse to view our samples. For some basic fabric ranges, we have sample swatches available for purchase, please contact us for more details.

Do you have a catalog?

We have over 10,000 products available to order and our inventory is constantly updated therefore our website serves as our catalog. We recommend checking on our website regularly for updated products.

Shipping costs and Delivery times

The freight costs will be calculated once your order is packed. We use Courier Post and Castle Couriers and pack in the most economical means possible. We also often consolidate shipments and may hold until we can fulfill an order. We usually ship out in a day or two from when you place your order.

What is an indent order?

We accumulate the wholesale orders from our customers and purchase in large quantities from our suppliers. An indent order is the agreement to manage your order in this process to supply you the goods.

What is a back-order?

Some of our products (such as Clover products) we try to keep in stock at all times. A back-ordered item is a product that we can usually supply immediately but have run out of stock.

Do you have order minimums?

Yes order minimums vary by product type. Please contact us for more details.

When will 'Out of Stock' items be back in stock?

Stocked items are replenished regularly and should not be out of stock for long. Many of our 'Out of Stock' items are purchased by indent order therefore will only be stocked to supply those customers.

How long will my 'Out of Stock' products take to deliver?

To keep costs down we accumulate orders and ship by sea in large quantities. Delivery varies depending on product type and availability of product from supplier. We aim to supply indent orders within a few months. The availability and delivery of pre-order products will depend on production date.

Some items are missing from my order, where are they?

Goods that are on indent order or back-order will not show on the invoice. Please contact us for your back-order report if you would like to see what you have on order. We aim to deliver all fabric collection orders in full so we may hold fabric deliveries until the whole collection is available to fulfill your order.

The colour of the fabric I received is not the same as the website image.

Monitors can vary significantly making it impossible to ensure an exact match. We try our best to portray the colour as closely as possible but please be aware there may be a slight variation between what you see on the screen and the fabric you receive.




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